Business Writer

Business Writing Services is Crucial to Your Business. Learn Why!

Business writing services remains a vague idea barely understood. Despite its crucial role in business, most people and business owners alike cannot clearly outline what entails business writing. Business writing is completely different from the other forms of writing.

In business, it is possible to use more than one writing technique. However, business writing remains unique in its structure and composition. Business writing is a form of professional writing aimed at formal internal and external communication in an organization. It includes Proposals, Reports, Emails, Memos, sales copies among others.

5 Types of Business Writing Services

There are several forms of business writing. These can be categorized into 5 major groups.

User Guidelines Business Writing

This is the form of writing in which instructions on how to perform a certain task or use a service or product are outlined. The instructions usually follow a step by step presentation including images for proper understanding. A good example is a user manual for a service or product.

Informative Business writing 

In this category, the writing is for information purposes or reference in future. It involves preparing useful information about your business that can be used by other parties for reference or general knowledge. It includes business reports, analytics, minutes, and company or business profile among others.

Contractual Business writing 

In business, you will need to have written documentation outlining your scope of services, terms of service and anything else describing your business operations. This keeps all parties aware of your business model before engaging your services.

Advisory Business Writing 

If your business is service related, you will need to give professional and unbiased advice or opinion on aspects regarding your business. This includes product  or service reviews, recommendations and professional tips.

Lead generation Business Writing 

To sustain your business, you will need to attract and retain clients. While referral business does well, you will need to send proposals and do cold pitching to new clients. This is mostly done electronically in form of proposals, sales emails,  social media campaigns on your business, press release and Ad copies

Reasons to hire business writing services

If you are wondering why you should hire a professional business writer, these are the reasons.

  • A professional business writer excels at communicating value to your target audience. Just like you are a professional in what you do, they are professionals in business writing
  • Business writers have crafted the art of targeting your audience and relaying information in a manner in which it will be well received and understood by your audience
  • Professional writers understand what business writing entails and will change their grammar and composition to meet your industry’s norm
  • Business writing is aimed at eliciting results. Hiring a professional business writer guarantees positive results


Business writing is an important aspect of your business. Through writing, you can influence decisions and outcomes to your advantage. Hiring a professional business writer is a step closer to your business’s success. At Dr. Rissy’s Writing, we are expert business writers working with business owners to ensure effective communication and positive results. Contact us today for professional business writing services.