Much like the Jersey Shore crew, the whole world is dealing with a difficult situation right now. We all have to adapt to a new environment in which our routines change, which has been a great lesson in the power of adaptability.

Dr. Rissy’s Writing and Marketing has worked remotely through the years, so our workflow hasn’t been affected a lot. We are used to working from home and we know how to do it effectively.

That said, we are conscious about everything going on. We know that our marketing strategy has to change for our clients, not all of whom have been able to adapt as completely as other companies have.

We have re-shaped our approach to be able to reach each client’s varying needs. We use different advertising mixes and communicate however works best for the client, in order to deliver the best work that we can.

As an agency, you need to be able to overcome all sorts of crazy obstacles and help your clients grow. COVID, obviously, is the craziest obstacle of all. But no matter what, adaptability is king.