At Dr. Rissy’s Writing and Marketing, we know how hard it can be to develop the right kind of content for your social media profiles. You need to make in-depth research about your audience, and understand what they want to read or see.

Finding the right content creator for your social media platform can be quite tricky. We know this first hand because as content creators ourselves we have found that you have to learn how to adapt in order to create a successful social media account.

Also, when it comes to managing a social media platform, you need to develop various skills. This is for sure not a one-man job. Social media is a team effort. The process of creating posts for your social media sites starts with a copywriter, then an editor, then the designer steps in, and finally a social media manager schedules your content to go live at the right time.

You will need someone to be well aware of the latest trends, this means in-depth research about what is going on around the world in case you need to update about a certain topic in your account. Especially with the situation that the world is going through right now.

Even if it looks like an easy job, social media goes through a structured process. It all starts with an idea, and then it turns out in the beautiful job that you have seen in successful accounts.

Lastly, you will need someone who knows and understands metrics, and even knows how to run ads. Because those two factors will determine your worth and lead you on the social media world.

Our team goes beyond merely scheduling posts for your social media platforms. Our efforts help you garner new followers, get new likes, shares, and clicks on your pages. Not only can we help you improve your social media presence, but we’ll also expand your community of engaged followers.

More than a content creator you will need a team, and luckily, we have the experience of running various social media accounts!