We live in a highly competitive world where we have to push ourselves to be the best in everything we do. A billion people do the same professional work as you, plus you can find them everywhere! Therefore, stretching the limits of our talent is necessary to achieve success.

However, this is not a sufficient solution to the problem. Sometimes we have to show relatability and a great sense of humanity to succeed in certain situations. When I establish a conversation with my clients, I make sure to understand what they do professionally, as well as what they want to achieve personally.

Copywriters combine many diverse skills to become great at sales. Different types of copywriting many not focus on selling products or services, but most of the time, these writers use the power of conviction to inform and motivate readers.

Using technical skills in tandem with “soft skills” like client communication allows you to find and keep more quality clients. One of the most common questions a potential client will always ask is this: Why should I work with you instead of other copywriters? Answering that question really ought to be less about your technical skill as a writer, but more about your ability to make a connection between yourself and what they do.

We are the greatest example of that approach! Dr. Rissy’s Writing and Marketing started as little more than a writing service, where we delivered different types of copies based on our client’s requirements. Once we got into marketing through our investigation of social media management, PR, and SEO – we were able to make a stronger connection with our clients much faster!

Don’t be afraid to learn something outside your comfort zone. This is what allows you to become great at what you do. We know that the amazing things you can achieve are just around the corner once you expand your horizons.