I am proud to say that as a self-published author, my book has been successful in ways that have surpassed my expectations. You can find my book – “Writing for the New Generation” – on Amazon, available in kindle, paperback, and mass market paperback formats.

We are the new generation of writing, eager to present our ever-evolving ideas of language to the world. The guide I created will help you find your voice, because I truly believe that your voice will shape the future. It covers the fundamentals of getting your writing to stand out in a modern, technologically-driven world.

Writing has changed significantly since the new millennium began. As humanity evolves through technology, media, and culture, language naturally evolves along with them. This handy guide covers all the technical aspects of 21st century writing, from grammar rules to phrasing; but more importantly, this book also walks you through the steps of promoting your writing. Deeper within this book, you will find many resources, tips from established writers, and valuable tools that help readers succeed as writers.

As one of my readers said: “The best thing about this book is its information about the technical aspects of writing creatively. Writing for the New Generation is filled with writing prompts, links to websites, and story-telling that fast tracks you on the right path to a successful writing journey.”

If you’ve already written a book and are now looking for extra tips to make it shine, if have writer’s block and are now searching for some new ways to stay creative, or if are ready to finally write your masterpiece, this book is for you.

I founded GenZ Publishing after many peers asked me how they could publish a book in a world where the market appears incredibly saturated. Following my success in the industry, I recognized the need for a publisher that focuses on releasing the works of young and innovative writers.

I am an advocate for the new generation. I know that there are many talented people out there and I want to give them the chance to show their peers what they are capable of.

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