Content creation is so much more than just adding captions to your social media pics and graphics, there’s a lot of thought that comes into play and so many factors that you should have into consideration. There’s no magic formula to make your social media posts likable, but you can try something that has been working for us: be relatable.

The most popular social media accounts out there are the ones that relate to their audience, that make an effort to understand them and create content that fits their taste.

A few weeks ago we wanted to relaunch our overall social media look and feel, and we had to look closely at what factors were successful in order to work towards our ultimate goal which is making content that our audience enjoys.

We realized that our most engaged posts were the ones that feature our team members, people stop for a few seconds when they realize that there’s actually someone else behind that phone screen and that someone is interested in creating content that can help them become better at what they do.

Creating shareable and likable content is all about looking at your insights and figuring out what people are reacting to. Does your audience prefer a designed graphic with information? Do they enjoy the infographic format? Or do they prefer real-time content that is Instastory-related?

We want you to go to your social media dashboards and make an in-depth analysis of what is working for you and why does this happen, take a few days to experiment with a different type of content, something that you have never posted before, and see how they react to it. Once you have to figure your audience out you can begin with your new starting point.

We discussed this topic with Kevin Herrera (@kevin_herrera), and he shared his knowledge with us: 

“Content worth sharing must provide enough Value to the viewer that they feel they are providing Value themselves by sharing it, focusing your Content ideation and creation on your current and core Consumer/Audience Member will make this more likely to happen if I like a TV show, my close friends most likely like that type of show too, and if they do, they would benefit from knowing a show like it exists, so I will share with them.”


We were also lucky to discuss it with Roberto Blake (@robertoblake) whose main advice was the following:

“The content creators who best understand their audience are the ones that will ultimately win hands down. If you really want to create content that people will enjoy and that will be shareable you have to really understand the culture of the community that you’re speaking to and the best way to do that is to be deeply involved and invested in that community and in its culture. If you can do that and if you can find a way to put the audience first then you’re going to have a much easier time of creating the type of content that people love to share.”

At Dr. Rissy’s Writing and Marketing, we make sure to talk about contents of interest for our audience, and we also talk about daily experiences that can make us relatable. It is important for your audience to get to know you, so make sure to give them that opportunity.

If you take a closer look at our profile you will see that we are not afraid to show who we are! And that’s something that our audience appreciates and loves. Once you connect with them, you will see how they start to share and like your content because it is something that your audience can relate to.