If I had to identify with one phrase it would be this: The sky is the limit. Why? It’s simple – there is always a way to take something that you love to new heights! 

There are a million ideas that you can use to your advantage in order to reach your goals, professional and personal. With that said, I want to tell you a little story about how I realized I could do ANYTHING once I set my mind to it. 

When I was younger, I wanted to publish a book. However, I knew that the market was saturated and I needed to find a way to promote my work without using the same methods as everybody else. So I started to think about what I should do to get the world’s attention. Turns out, the answer was straight-forward. 

First, you should know that the book that I wrote was about winning contests. It acted as a guide to online sweepstakes, contests, and raffles.

That is when the winning idea came to mind. If I had a book about winning contests, then I should win a contest myself! But not just any contest – no, it had the biggest contest in the world. None other than the Guinness World Records.

I set my mind to beating the record for the world’s longest chain of bracelets. I worked hard to make thousands of bracelets, chaining them together on camera for hours at a time. I got family, friends, and strangers together to act as witnesses to the project.

The not so fun side of breaking a world record is the bureaucracy. I filled out A LOT of paperwork, but before I knew it, I was a World Record Holder and a bestselling author! What I did was crazy. It took a lot of creativity, patience, and time – but it paid off. 

That is why I want you to know the importance of the phrase “the sky is the limit.” If you think that something is impossible to achieve, think again! If you think outside the box, you are bound to discover new ways to guarantee success in life, work, and whatever else that strikes your fancy.

If you have a minute, think about something that you achieved by going off the beaten path. You might inspire others with your story!