If you’re a freelancer or a company looking for freelancers, chances are you’ve heard of Upwork. It’s one of the pre-eminent sites for writers, marketers, and content mavens looking for work, and business of all sizes who need help bringing their company to the next level. Over 12 million freelancers are signed up on Upwork, and Dr. Rissy’s Upwork rating officially certifies that we are among the best!

Upwork boasts a “Top Rated” badge that signifies whoever sports it on their page is extra-awesome at what they do. To put it mildly, it is NOT easy to earn this badge. To become Top Rated on Upwork, you must:

— Successfully complete at least 90 percent of your jobs for 13 out of the most recent 16 weeks
— Be hired on Upwork at least 90 days ago
— Have a 100% percent completed profile
— Earn at least $1,000 over the past year
— Be available and keep your availability up to date
— Have no recent account holds
— Be active over the past three months

Mission Accomplished

As you can see, Upwork wants to see a lot out of you before dubbing you one of their Top Rated freelancers. Below this is their “Rising Talent” designation, which we had for a long time. But now, after hundreds of jobs and thousands of hours worked, we can proudly point to our Top rated badge and say “that’s us.”

In fact, we can say that TWICE. We have two Upwork profiles, one under the Dr. Rissy team name and another under Dr. Rissy herself, Morissa Schwartz. Both sport an Upwork rating of Top Rated:

Dr. Rissy’s Writing and Marketing: 91 percent job success

Morissa Schwartz: 90 percent job success

If you’re a business of any size and you’re looking to up your blogging, copywriting, SEO, social media, and marketing games, Dr. Rissy’s Writing and Marketing is the 360 Marketing company of your dreams! Just ask Upwork; they like us, they really, really like us!