Finding time for yourself as a marketing expert

One of the biggest challenges that we face as marketing and writing experts is finding time for ourselves. The social media world is absorbing and time-consuming; that’s why it’s so important to get out there and find some time to do things that make us happy.

Don’t get us wrong, marketing is our passion! This is what we love doing, and we feel over the moon every time we see excellent results from our clients. But this world can be tiring. We need to prioritize self-care because when we feel our best, we will work towards being our best.

But, how do we get the actual time to do things that we love? Well, it’s your lucky day because at Dr. Rissy’s Writing and Marketing, we will share a guide on finding time for yourself when you are a marketing expert.


Get out of the routine.

First things first, get out of your routine every once in a while. Whether you  work from home or at the office, it’s so easy to get stuck in your everyday routine. That’s why we encourage you to do things that are a bit out of your comfort zone.

Wherever you are, you can find ways to take a break, like go for a hike, go to a play, have a night out with your friends, or even do some activities at home. It’s fun to do things outside your routine to re-energize, so that you’re ready to keep working towards your goals.


Set boundaries

As a marketing expert, you know what makes you feel uncomfortable. It’s ok to set boundaries as you learn how you work best. For example, some people do not like to work after 5pm because they feel exhausted or drained at the end of the day and are not able to perform their best work. On the other hand, some people would rather work at night because they use time during their days to run errands and take advantage of the sunlight.

Here is where you have to figure out your work style to get excellent results for you and your clients. Remember that nobody likes to do a job that they don’t enjoy, so be intentional about setting your boundaries.


Schedule time to rest

We are big on scheduling. We love to schedule everything, from our waking time, lunchtime; we even schedule a time to stop working. That’s why we should also schedule time for our rest time.

Not so long ago, we heard about the Pomodoro Technique: for every 25 minutes of working time, you should rest 5. Once you repeat 4 of these pomodoros, you can take a more extended break. Try this technique, and see if you feel better rested during your work time. It has worked for us, and it can work for you.


Enjoy your favorite activity.

It’s proven that when we work towards the things that we love doing, our efficiency, focus, and motivation improves. So make sure that at least once during your week, you do something that makes you feel happy and excited.

Your favorite activity could be something simple like going to the movies or something elaborate like a getaway with your family. Just make sure that you are always working towards your goal, which will make you feel accomplished with your work life.


How do you make time for yourself as a marketing expert? We want to hear from you! Shoot us a DM at @drrissyswritingandmarketing Instagram with your best tips and tricks. And if you are looking for some marketing experts that can work with your business, we are the right ones!