Influencer sites that you should use for influencer marketing campaigns

It’s 2021, and influencer marketing is stronger than ever. Every day more brands are relying on influencers to promote their products. Why? Because the audience sees influencers as normal people they can trust, some influencers live ordinary lives, such as many of us do, and if something works for them, it would mean that it works for everyone.

When you compare, 38% of people trust branded social media content, and on the other hand, 61% of people trust influencers’ recommendations. Take into consideration that influencers do not promote just a product or service; they promote a lifestyle.

According to Shopify, “The influencer marketing industry is worth $13.8 billion,” meaning that this technique is not only a way of doing marketing, but it is also a business that is growing more each day, and you -brand or influencer- should take advantage of it.

When you are working with influencer marketing campaigns, you need to be able to identify the influencers that your targeted audience follows, or if you are an influencer, you should figure out which are the brands that could work for you and stand for the same values as you do.

That’s why, over the last couple of years, many influencer platforms have arrived to make the job easier both for the brand and the influencer. Those platforms can help you figure out which campaigns to participate in, raise brand awareness, generate website traffic, and even see the positive impacts for both parties.

Influencer marketing is a technique that benefits both parties when you know how to use it right. That’s why today at Dr. Rissy’s Writing and Marketing, we will be sharing with you our top influencer platforms to use. Over the past year, we have tried with more than thirty different influencer websites, and we want to recommend the ones that have worked for us.


Influencer websites that you MUST use

These influencer marketing websites are not listed in a specific order. However, we want to clarify that these are the ones that have worked for us and the ones that we recommend both for brands and influencers looking to grow in the business.


  • Aspire IQ

As their tagline suggests, it is one of the leading influencers platforms, and it can help you drive sales, grow brand awareness, and generate high-performing content with your influencer community.

Aspire IQ can help you find your perfect match by searching our database of influencers based on aesthetics, engagement metrics, location, and more. Currently, the website counts more than 6 million influencers, and their AI helps both brands and influencers find campaigns in which they can work together.

What we love the most about Aspire IQ is that the platform is user-friendly and easy to use. Plus, it updates its campaign opportunities every single day. So once you complete your first campaign successfully, a lot of other campaigns will open for you, and you can apply to the ones that catch your interest.


  • Cohley Content Engineering

It’s the perfect platform for content creators. We love this one because it doesn’t limit itself to social media; you can also find campaigns to collaborate in product launches, website pictures, social ads, and more.

According to their website, “We developed Cohley Content Engineering, an “always-on” four-step process that mirrors the Scientific Method, to help guide brands through the process of testing large volumes of content, measuring results, then using that data to inform upcoming marketing campaigns to drive significant upticks in performance.”

They always simplify the process, giving you specific dates to publish the content, deliverables with particular guidelines, and support across all platforms.


  • Sway Group

Sway Group is a modern agency that specializes in influencer marketing, branded content, and digital advertising.

We enjoy Sway Group because they show you campaigns based on your audience and preference; the website can recognize which influencer campaigns are good for you both as a brand and as an influencer.

You can also choose the ones you want to participate in, and if you are an excellent option for a specific campaign, they will contact you directly by email, meaning that their team and support stand out.


If you are an influencer or a brand looking to start participating in these marketing opportunities, make sure to give it a try! And if you want someone to support you along the process, here at Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing, we have influencer services to connect you with brands that would love to collaborate with you, depending on your overall social media stats.

Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing goal is to help others succeed; make sure to contact us, and let’s take together the next steps for your next influencer marketing campaign.