Many people are worried about maintaining their presence online while maintaining the management of their business. When you are a business owner, it is normal to have no time to spend on social media. It is also normal to think this can affect your business in some way.

I certainly will not claim that I have solved this problem for myself. Going through Instagram or Facebook is a really difficult task for me to set time aside for. Most of the time, we are handling a wide variety of calls for our clients. Usually, we guide them through a monthly analytics report or building a new marketing strategy from the ground up. 

I always encourage the team to work together, that way we have more time to do other things. However, such planning is easier said than done. Our secret is to use everyday life as our inspiration. It is quite fascinating to see how much content you can create from tapping into your daily routine – especially if your routine is as varied as ours.

We have a team that takes charge of creating the content for our pages, another team that specializes in maintaining strong social media presence, and yet another team that takes calls, processes billing, and other important tasks associated with Dr. Rissy’s. Organizing our business like this is how we remove as many roadblocks as possible, that way we can keep everything moving smoothly.

Dr. Rissy’s Writing and Marketing offers multiple types of services, from social media to copywriting, even PR! If you go to our social media profile, you can see that our posts are based on what we do and how we do it. There’s plenty of quick tips, in-depth advice, and some friendly reminders about our services in case you might need us in the future.