“How can I become an interesting person on social media?” I have noticed many people ask themselves this question, especially now that there are thousands of people getting on board with social media marketing and management.

There are no secrets when it comes to social media. There is no way to use it incorrectly, nor is there a way to use it perfectly. However, there are several small concepts you should integrate into your management, all of which are known to make your pages stand out from the rest. Let’s take a closer look at those concepts – right here, right now.

The first and foremost task you should pursue when it comes to adding more character to your social media pages is this: Just be yourself! Nothing attracts more people to your page than someone authentic and sincere in their interests. When it comes to my social media pages, I try to be as professional as possible. But even I will admit that nobody wants to read about writing and marketing all the time.

That is why I allow myself the time and the space to loosen up every now and then. If you go to my social media pages, you can see how much I enjoy taking pictures with my puppies, creating silly videos for Tik Tok or Instagram Stories, etc.

You will be able to connect with your audience, provided you abide by this principle at all times. This is because people who follow social media personalities are the ones that feel connected to them in some way or another.

People who follow the Dr. Rissy’s professional pages, as well as my personal pages, enjoy the various types of content I post on a daily basis. Audiences are never one-dimensional; there are many professionals out there who love discussing the simpler things in life whenever they have the opportunity to do so.

This leads us to the ways in which you should present your content. Nobody wants to see only text or pictures of what you are doing with no description or context behind them. Change them up from time to time! What we love from social media are the options that it gives you to upload your content.

You can make videos, design images, or take a simple picture of yourself. Explore each option at your leisure, but never be afraid of the camera! After all, the people who follow you want to see you and hear your thoughts! 

If you want someone to follow you, just remember – authenticity pays for itself! You will see how your audience connects with who you are and what you do.