Over the past few days, I have been seeing people exchanging information about their favorite marketing tools, explaining why they use it to achieve their ultimate marketing goals. In my case, the answer is simple. The true best marketing tool is REFERRALS.

Think about it like this: You are looking for some new dog food and you see an ad about it. Something about it gets stuck in your head, like the jingle or the slogan. But then your friends say, “You have to try this brand out, it is the best thing my dog has ever tried! He is so energetic, healthy, and happy!” It’s highly likely you’ll go for the second option, having heard that endorsement from people you know personally.

It’s like that with any business. If someone you know and trust gives a glowing endorsement, chances are you are going to go with that endorsement over an advertisement or anything else.

We are naturally inclined to trust people that are close to us. Whenever they mention something that they like this new thing they just tried, then you will have the desire to try it too. This can be something simple like a restaurant or a media service like Netflix or Hulu. If that thing works for them, it just might work for you too!

That is why I can’t stress the importance of referrals enough. Old co-workers, previous clients, and friends won’t tell you to try something out unless they’ve experienced something positive about it. It is great that such reliable people are able to help your business grow, simply because you know and trust each other.

Dr. Rissy’s Writing and Marketing focuses on delivering the best service possible to keep our clients happy; we want them to achieve the best results possible with us. Why? Because there is a greater chance that they might refer us to other clients who might require the same services.

We have experienced people who come to us through other clients. They tell us how they heard wonderful things about us and that they want to hire us to achieve certain goals they have in mind, whether it is to generate more audience outreach, increase their SEO, implement a new social media plan, or more.

Referrals only work whenever they are earned. Therefore, it is important to deliver good, fast, and quality work – because engaged clients will only come your way once they hear how amazing your job performance has been for others. If you have the resources on hand, you can achieve this level of quality by having a good team of co-workers at your side. As the saying goes, “With teamwork, you can make the dream work.”

I’m always happy to talk with other people about referrals and the working relationships that come from them. If you are reading this, it means that we are already connected, so reach out! I’m happy to give you some more details about what referrals can do.