Rethink your marketing strategy for the upcoming year

Now that the year is ending, it is the perfect time to start looking forward to the new year. What is the next year going to bring us? 2021 was a different year, and even if we are “going back to normal” people have adapted to a new way of life. Marketing agencies all around the world have been looking for new practices that will support this new lifestyle and make life easier.

That’s why at Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing we are going to be talking about the top practices that are going to rule the game in 2022. If there’s anything that we have learned this year, it’s that building your online presence is a must for others to get to know your business.

This year we have seen many brands taking over the social media market. As a result, you can find everything you need to know about them: where they are located, how to contact them, what the benefits of their products are, and more. What we have noticed during 2021 is that if you are not online, you do not exist in the eyes of your potential customers

As we look forward to the upcoming year, we’re aware of the digital revolution., It’s really important for us to watch for new trends and practices to use in future strategies, especially when it’s something that we can implement with our own clients. Today, we are going to be discussing the 2 trends that are going to be essential in the upcoming year.


Video Marketing

You might have already noticed this, but video marketing is going to rule the game during 2022. Most social media platforms, if not all of them, already have a video option. With the rise of TikTok, we have realized that social media users enjoy watching short and straight-to-the-point videos.

According to annual research done by Tech Jury, “People spend an average of 6 hours and 48 minutes per week watching online videos… and 93% of businesses gain new customers as a result of branded video content.” These numbers allow businesses to understand how important it is to have video content out there, because it not only lets potential customers better understand what you do, but it also gives them a sense of confidence and understanding about your brand.

Our brand experts at Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing can help you create and put your video content out there.You can even schedule a TikTok consultation with our CEO and expert Morissa Schwartz. And the best part is that we can help you gain exposure because we know how to implement a hashtag and interaction strategy.


Influencer Marketing

This isn’t a shocker: influencer marketing has been ruling the game for the last couple of years. There are a lot of brands that collaborate with influencers because they know how important it is to give their brand a face and connect it with someone recognizable.

Now, video apps like TikTok have also implemented in-platform ads where a lot of businesses advertise their products and services. This is where popular influencers set up and collab with brands that they love and trust.

When it comes to influencer marketing, it is important to recognize the type of influencer that is right for your business. Here we can help you identify which influencer is good for your brand and set up collaborative terms that will work for both you and the influencer!


At Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing, we are proud to say that we’re working with TikTok and PR services to accomplish these 2 strategies in the upcoming year. If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to improve your social media strategy, then you are in the right place. Schedule a call with us today and get ready to have a business that will be known by everyone.