Traditional marketing methods might reach a lot of people, but these days that’s not enough. Effective social media marketing isn’t just about reaching as many people as you can and hoping for the best. Above all, you need to engage and interact with your audience.

Before social media existed, companies used traditional methods like TV and newspapers to sell their products. They focused primarily on getting people’s attention, and sometimes that was enough. However, they couldn’t take the extra step to bring audiences closer to the brand.

The ability and openness to interact is that extra step. Modern media campaigns allow you to do that better than we ever could twenty years ago. Marketing experts know that success or failure depends on how you interact with people. If they interact with your brand in a positive, meaningful manner, then your social media presence will steadily grow nice and strong.

Brands use social media marketing to sell a product or service, but why leave it at that for tradition’s sake? That’s not going as far as you should with the tools you have. Today, a business must interact and engage with their audience, making them truly interested in their products. 

When someone interacts with your posts, you will appear more frequently on their feed. It’s then more likely these people will become brand advocates who follow you every step of the way.

For example, beauty brands use social media influencers to make their followers interested in a branded product. An influencer’s job is to inform people of their honest opinion, interacting in ways traditional campaigns can’t hold a candle to.

Modern social media promotes engagement, interaction, and making the brand appear human. This results in boosted sales, as audiences are no longer convinced by brands that exist simply to generate sales.

When a brand understands their followers are human beings with needs, they’ll be able to truly give them what they’re looking for. That results in immediate interaction.

As marketers, we have the tools necessary to help businesses reach out to those interested in their brand. Our job is to use those tools in the best way possible.