There’s always a story to tell, big or small, simple or complex. Storytelling is an age-old technique because it allows others to know who you are and what you have to say.

Storytelling is captivating. The beauty of your story is that it’s immersive, and there’s something amazing about letting others know who you truly are. Look closer at the most successful social media accounts, they are not afraid to show their liveliness, take their audience behind the scenes, and let them discover every little thing about their business.

And the good thing is that it doesn’t need to be a big and complicated story, that’s why the story feature across platforms has become quite popular. You can show your everyday life, as simple as it is.

Social media stories have changed the game because they have allowed people to peek into their favorite brands and influencers’ lives. We can confidently say that what makes people likable on social media is the fact that they share small portions of their everyday lives across all platforms. And brands that utilize this storytelling technique are becoming more and more popular every day.

As brands, we have to do our part and let others know who we are. What we love to do at Dr. Rissy’s Writing and Marketing is show who we are, after all, we are a remote team and every single one of us has a talent that makes us shine. We are lucky to count on people with amazing creativity skills and that write incredible content. We also have a graphic team that designs the most beautiful visuals for social media and blogs. Furthermore, our advertising experts get our clients the results that they are looking for and even more!

We are proud to say that we count on a team that always meets the expectations of our clients, and that is because we always make sure to work in synch. Not only that, but we have a process that makes things work, and we organize ourselves in a way that allows us to meet deadlines and keep us growing as a team.

We discussed storytelling with Jason Jordan from @yourfirestory, they tell the narratives of the moments that shape our lives. They give their audience purpose, passion, and the power to transform lives:

“When people get into a story, even one on social media, the tendency is to try to get to the middle or climax of the story too quickly. It is like trying to get a person to jump on a treadmill that is already rolling at 8 miles per hour. What will happen?  You fall on your face. You have to start where the reader (or listener) is and connect with them there. Then you can move them where you want them to go. 

A second thing that is often missed is the emotion flowing from the scene. You need to help people understand how the situation feels, so the listener can feel it with you. If you leave it open to interpretation, people will take away things you never expected.”

Storytelling isn’t complicated. Some people get confused thinking that telling a story has to be something impactful that happened in their life. The truth is that the simpler the story you tell, the more relatable it is for your audience.

Everybody does small things in their everyday life, and if you share what you do with your audience they will feel closer to you!