Using podcasts as part of your PR strategy

360 marketing is what we do for a living, and an important part of this type of marketing is PR. There are a million ways in which you can create your PR strategy, and for us, the element that makes our clients shine is podcast interviews.

According to The Definition, “Marketing public relations (MPR) is publicity and other activities that build corporate or product image to facilitate marketing goals.” These activities can go from events, collaborations, influencer marketing, and more. We have done many of these PR pitches in the past, and today we will explain why podcasts are better for your strategy.

It’s true that podcasts have become more trendy over the last couple of years, offering various podcasts topics, hosts, shows, etc. This growth has made the podcast movement even more significant than it was, and now everyone wants to be part of it.


The PR Podcast Process

Take a look at Dr. Rissy’s plan of action and get yourself moving into the podcast world.


Get to know your audience.

The first thing you need to do when it comes to podcast outreach is getting to know your target audience.  These are the people you could potentially sell yourself to. 

Let’s use an example: if you are an artist, you will need to find art podcasts directed to your targeted audience, the people paying for your art.

If you work with Dr. Rissy’s, we use the onboarding call to figure out who that target is, what your brand stands for, and the message you want to send to potential customers.


Create your pitch

Your pitch is an introduction about yourself and what you do and consider this the most important element of your podcast strategy. The pitch is your introduction card, a letter that you will be sending to potential podcasters as an introduction. 

Include information about you, reasons why you want to be featured in that podcast, and links to previous interviews of features you have done in the past to help solidify your expertise. Also, make sure to write about why your business is so important not only to you but to the people that surround you.


Begin outreach

Here is where you are going to spend most of your time, finding who will host you on their show. Through a simple search you can find different podcasts that target diverse topics, but be sure to contact the ones that are a fit for you and your audience. 

Make it a priority to follow up several times over several weeks because podcast managers have to field a lot of requests. Sending follow ups will put you at the top of their mind for future collaborations.


Hire our services

Our team at Dr. Rissy’s Writing & Marketing houses PR experts that can take your strategy to the next level, and they will also be in charge of contacting these different podcasts to feature you in one of their episodes. 

Are you looking forward to sharing your message with the world? Contact us, and we will find podcasts to create awareness about you and your brand.