5 Easy Ways to Overcome Creative Block

Being a creative person is difficult, especially if creativity is a fundamental aspect of your job. Writer’s block, or, more generally, creative block can be undesired and cause stress and anxiety in a creative professional’s life. Luckily, there are many ways to overcome this block and get back to your regular creative self with new ideas. These are the five best ways to do this:

Talk to your favorite person

Whether this is your best friend, your partner, your mother or your relative, there is always a special someone in a creative person’s life that simply understands you and your outlooks on work. Give them a call or go for a coffee, and simply be you. This will not only be relaxing, but it give you a fresh breath of air and bring new feelings and inspirations your way.

Listen to new music

Music activates parts of your brain that are linked to intelligence and creativity. When discovering new music, you will also add the focus element to it, enhancing your awareness and creative abilities. Enjoy each song or piece you listen to, without multitasking, then start incorporating the music into your work, adding it as a subconscious productive element in your routine.

Redecorate your workspace

Do a nice spring cleaning, refreshing everything in your office or studio, then consider changing the furniture or simply the set-up. Get yourself in a DIY mood and paint, switch up the colours and style of your environment, get new plants, decorate the walls with inspiring art, and play soothing music. This will not only put your mind in a creative mood, but it will improve the quality of your working environment in the future too.

Stream of consciousness

Force yourself to write. Write anything, from a shopping list, to objects in your room, to nice-sounding words with no particular link to each other. Pick a random word and write that non-stop if you can’t think of anything else. You can write anything, as long as your pen or pencil does not lift from the page. After a few minutes, you will reach a subconscious state of mind similar to a dream-like state, which inspire an increase in creative thoughts.

Read a book

Sometimes the solution is much simpler than you would expect. Reading keeps your mind active and your brain receptors awake. Thousands of ideas are contained within the pages of a book, and it is very likely that at least one or two of them will inspire you, finally putting an end to the unbearable feeling of your creative block.