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Enhancing Your Writing with Adjectives

When I started my career as a copywriter, I was always looking for ways to stand out. What could I possibly do to make my writing better, no matter what? I found my answer rather quickly – I needed to find the right adjectives and strategically place them into the text.  

Adjectives are important when it comes to copywriting. They add a certain look and feel to the text, depending on the topic you decide to write about. These words make your writing more specific, more nuanced, and certainly more interesting. 

I offer copywriting services for companies operating in a diverse number of industries. I have done copywriting for startups, lingerie companies, mom-to-be blogs, culinary websites, and even more! My experience tells me that there is no specific adjective that you can use to describe them all.

My best piece of advice for those struggling to find the right words at the right time is to create a word bank filled with adjectives that you are going to use depending on the topic. For example, if you are writing for a company landing page, use adjectives that make people aware of the reasons why they are better than their competitors. Transforming dull adjectives like “good” into “stellar”, “cheap” to “affordable”, will make your client look like the greatest company in the world.

Every client is different, which is why you need a large bank of these sorts of words. Whenever I’m asked to write something for a client, I always ask them what makes them stand out from the others. If your client tells you what is so special about themselves and their business, then you will be able to use the right adjectives the first time.

It is incredible how text can change completely just by using the right adjectives! At first, it might look tricky or even difficult to find the perfect one, but after some time they should come naturally to you. Keep a thesaurus handy over the next few weeks – good luck!